Spring Cleaning For Your Body & Mind

Spring is here! The trees have gorgeous blossoms and the beginnings of new leaves, the weather is warming, and Easter will be here before you know it. This time of year often brings people a renewed sense of energy and enthusiasm for being outside, being active and "spring cleaning" from the fall and winter to ready your house for the new season.

Why not do the same for your mind and body? In a massage session you clear toxins from your muscles, improve your circulation and digestive systems, and give your mind a chance for some R&R, which as you know is just as important. Let go of stress and tension and clear your mind and body for this fabulous new seasonal beginning. It's a great way to loosen your muscles for a spring walk outside, or recover from your first tennis game now that the days are longer. Our heated table keeps your comfortable while the gentle breeze lightly moves through the office bringing in the sounds and scents of spring that we just love! 

For our clients that want to make a commitment to their health for the spring and summer we are also introducing new packages that save you $10 per massage when you buy 5 massages up front, and don't forget our referral discount when you send new clients our way. We are here to support your health and well being and believe that massage should be affordable as well as enjoyable. Call for your appointment today!

Have a beautiful day,

Savana Schoch, RMT