Benefits of Prenatal Massage

It seems like one of the over arching themes in my practice for clients lately is either fertility or prenatal care as a part of their sessions. I am so happy to be a part of these women's lives as they are waiting to start this journey or are pregnant and riding out the intense but so incredible nine months it takes to build a brand new human. 

I remember when I was pregnant with my son I was so sick, pretty much until my third trimester and then I had a whole other slew of problems that came up. Between hip pain and skin issues, fatigue, heart burn and insomnia I was a piping hot mess. Massage and acupuncture were life savers for me, often times my massage was the only reason I felt like I could eat or sleep. Now I can't believe I have an incredible boy that is about to turn one this month! Everyone says that you forget what it's like to be pregnant but I haven't gotten there yet. So I have so much empathy and love for these Mamas To Be that are going through their pregnancies. I love that I get to help them feel better and witness their journey. Its an honor to be working during a massage session and be aware that I am working really with two people who are benefiting from the work. Self-care is important in general but never more than when you are taking on the Herculean task of being pregnant.

It can be an emotional journey too, just recently I incorporated some energy work and clearing for a client along with her regular session and afterwards she described herself as more "connected and grounded" than she had been in a very long time. Massage should be a safe space to freely leave what you need and to embrace all the different sides of what's going on in your life and how you feel. It can shift from moment to moment and with such large life-changing events like pregnancy and birth, pre and post natal massage care can help you navigate the entire journey and feel better throughout.

The benefits from prenatal massage are incredible, better sleep, hormone regulation, reduction of swelling (which can be intense towards the end of your pregnancy especially!), improved circulation and decreased pain in your back and hips. And most Mamas I work with really enjoy the side lying position where you are bolstered with pillows and can lay comfortably and safely protecting both Mama and Baby. Of course you always want to find a therapist that is comfortable doing prenatal care and if you have any questions about how a prenatal session would be different than a regular massage session or how it changes based on your trimester I am happy to answer any and all of those!

You can also read more Here from the American Pregnancy Association about the benefits of prenatal massage during pregnancy, and then call to schedule your appointment! I would love to hear from you and set up a time to help you feel better and enjoy every stage of your pregnancy feeling your best. 303-517-1449

Have a beautiful day!