Exercise and Back Pain

I never had low back pain until I had my son, and now hours bent over a crib or playing on the floor and little sleep plus the loss of some of my core integrity through pregnancy have made it clear I need to be more careful with my back and making sure I am healthy and feeling strong.

Massage is a wonderful tool to help with back pain, it can reduce tension and inflammation especially if you are working to incorporate some new exercises into your daily routine to help strengthen those same muscles. Think of your spine as as the framework for your whole body and we rely on our muscle strength to help take the pressure of our vertebrae when we stand and move. "By getting the muscles right, we take the pressure off the spine and we make the spine a lot more durable." (spine-health.com)

Making time for these exercises doesn't have to be have to be super time consuming, but it does need to be consistent. Even fifteen minutes a day can make a huge difference in strengthening and retraining your muscles in a way that can cut down your pain and improve your strength. 

A few real simple exercises are the hip bridge, side plank, and even the regular lunge. These three exercises recruit your larger stabilizing muscles to help improve whole body control. Side planks improve and strengthen your core muscles and the hip bridge is a great way to stretch your hip flexors and strengthen your glutes and feel great if you spend a lot of time at a desk or in a chair.

One of the things we can test for and work with if you come in for an appointment are which muscles are weak based on your pain and posture and the combination of massage and strengthening exercises at home can quickly improve your range of motion and quality of life. 

There is a wonderful website called spine-health.com that has all sorts of videos and instructional information if you're interested in more ideas about how to strengthen you core and back muscles to alleviate back pain. You can find a whole host of videos with more tips and techniques

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