Massage to De-Stress, Reduce Inflammation and Boost Your Immune System

Most people that know me know I am a runner, and although it's fallen a little by the wayside since the baby I am so excited for spring and getting back out there. One of the things I love is a post run or post workout massage. For sore muscles, a faster recovery and just to help feel more relaxed after a run, massage has been a great friend to me. I have an old knee injury that could be a problem but massage is one of the best ways I've found to keep my legs feeling strong and able.

Runners World shared an article recently about the benefits of massage for running, and although it applies to anyone who runs or works out regularly, there are positives for anyone who wants to de-stress, boost their immune system, or decrease inflammation in their body.

From the article:

Science's biggest discovery is what massage can do for athletic recovery. Studies published in the Journal of Athletic Training and the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that massage after exercise reduced the intensity of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS)—that is, the peg-legged feeling you get two days after your marathon. And other research suggests that it improves immune function and reduces inflammation. Emory University researcher Mark Rapaport, M.D., found that just one massage treatment resulted in an increased number of several types of lymphocytes (white blood cells that play a key role in fighting infection) while also decreasing levels of cortisol (the "stress hormone" linked to chronic inflammation). "More research is needed, but it's reasonable to think that massage could help runners taxed from exertion," Rapaport says. It may also help curb chronic diseases. "We know that systemic inflammation is associated with a lot of deleterious effects, such as heart attack and stroke, and that it predisposes people to cancers," he says.

Most people feel the immediate effects of the massage and leave more relaxed, with reduced pain, increased range of motion and a general sense of well being but it's amazing to see the science behind just how massage can help you live a healthier happier life. Whether a weekend warrior, serious athlete, or you just want to experience massage as a way to feel better, call and book your appointment today!

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