Who Doesn't Love To Sleep?

I assume I am like most people and never seem to get enough sleep, especially now that I have a seven month old roaming around working on crawling and who always seems to have energy to burn. Someone once told me that getting a massage is the equivalent of 8 hours of sleep and it always seems to feel that way when I get up off the table! I feel rested and rejuvenated, ready for the rest of my day. The amazing thing is, even after you get off the table massage can help you sleep better. If you've ever had a long day and gotten into bed with aches and pains, especially lower back pain and you've already tried bolstering with pillows and stretching, then massage may be the answer. 

Easing the pain in your back, neck and shoulders can help you sleep better, longer. And in a study done in 2010 the participants that received massage reported deeper sleep for the duration of the study as well, not just sleep with less pain. Since getting enough sleep can impact your health on a number of levels, emotional, mental, and physical it's amazing what being able to rest for just a couple more hours will benefit you. Take a look at this article from AMTA to learn more about sleep and massage and then give me a call to schedule your appointment today!


Have a beautiful day,