Recovery After A Busy Holiday

I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July yesterday, full of family, friends and gratitude for the amazing country we live in. It was our sons first holiday and we were lucky to spend the day outside visiting with his great grandparents and good friends. I know holiday weekends can be a challenge in some ways, from the stress of having people over, to eating too much and not getting enough done. When you have so much going on you can feel a little run down and depleted.

Taking some time out for yourself to rest and recover can help reboot you for the rest of the summer activities that never seem to slow down. Adding on aromatherapy or a soothing hot stone can help enhance your table time so that you leave refreshed and renewed again. I myself am making sure to practice this and have my own massage scheduled for this week so I can be a better mother, wife and athlete in the coming weeks and I know I will feel so much better afterward. Enjoying these beautiful Colorado months of warm weather and outdoor fun is important, and having a happy healthy body and mind can help you make the most of the season. Call and schedule your appointment today!

Have a beautiful day!