Do You Have Text Neck?

On average the human head weighs 12 pounds and for every inch the head hangs forward it's ten extra pounds of pressure on the spine!  These days who isn't attached to their smart phone, but did you know that looking down at your phone can add an extra 40 lbs of weight to your spine, not to mention what it does to your hand, wrist and forearm!

I have to admit I am guilty of this although spending more time with my son I am much more aware of the time I spend on my phone and I try to limit it. It's an incredible fact that something as simple as looking down at your phone can cause neck pain, shoulder tension and over time even the loss of the natural cervical curve. Degeneration, pain and even surgery can be the result of this cervical curve damage, something I know I don't think about when I'm on my phone.

Being connected is an important part of our society but self-care needs to be too. Massage can help relieve neck pain and shoulder tension, improve your posture and I even have exercises for my clients to do that help strengthen against that forward curve that is so prevalent in people today.

This is an amazing article from Massage Magazine and you can read more here if you want further details on how massage can help combat the stresses and consequences of a busy techno-focused life. And then call today for your appointment to help relieving your neck and shoulder pain today! 303 517 1449

Have a beautiful day!