Kinesiotape for Your Life

I am so passionate about the addition of Kinesiotape to my practice lately that I want to share a little bit about it with you. I know people have seen me in the tape and my family, and honestly I tape every one of my clients that come in now because it is truly beneficial and it helps the positive effects of their bodywork last so much longer.

The tape is a latex free, hypo-allergenic cotton tape that holds for up to 5 days and doesn't limit range of motion or any activity. You can shower, swim, work out and do anything you would normally in the tape all the while receiving its benefits.

Some of the things I have taped for this week have been to help support an MCL ligament that is torn, lymphatic drainage to help reduce swelling, a postural correction for rounded shoulders that leads to back and neck pain from working at a desk, and to relieve back and foot pain from standing all day. When the tape goes on each of these people reported an immediate sensation of support and relief which only gets better over the course of the 5 days. 

The goal of the tape is to help your body get back to homeostasis where it performs its best and while massage is wonderful to increase circulation, decrease tension or help with adhesions, and to correct movement patterns that are causing pain and damage to the body, kinesiotape has the ability to do that much more.

I tape for menstrual cramps, whiplash, joint, ligament or tendon issues, muscles that are too tight or not engaged enough, stability and support, swelling, and so much more. Call me today to discuss how the addition of kinesiotape to your therapeutic massage can make a difference in your life today! 303 517 1449