Kinesiotape for Injury

My own history with massage and kinesiotape has been a long one, mostly dealing with a left knee injury that started as dislocations and eventually ended in surgery and rehab and left me with A LOT of tension and pain in my ITB and inner knee around my scars, some that even led to problems in my foot and back up into my hip but it all started with my knee. The relief I found with massage and then with kinesiotape has changed so much for me so I am more active, I am in less pain (I won't say none because we all have our days, but it's much improved) and I am not afraid to try new things or run after my puppy or son for fear of my leg not being able to handle it. 

Recently I've been treating someone else with a knee injury who is a regular athlete but had an MCL tear. It can be so discouraging to feel like you are stuck with an injury and it's going to take so long to get back to where you were. After a few weeks of kinesiotape and massage his range of motion was better, the swelling and pain had gone down and every time we put on the tape it felt like a huge relief for him because his knee felt supported. If you're dealing with an injury, past or present and it's keeping you from living your life to the fullest then I want to talk to you about how massage and kinesiotape can help!

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