Beige - To Keep Your Summer Subtle

One of the questions I get most frequently in these summer months is how to hide the bright colored tape when you're wearing summer clothes. I have more than one client that might be bold and go for black, bright blue or pink in the winter months when it's covered but when shorts, sun dresses and tank tops are what everyone is wearing then they want something that doesn't stand out so much. The beige tape is a great way to get what you need and still keep a little bit of subtlety to your taping. 

Check out this carpal tunnel taping I was able to give to a client recently who had been waking up with repeated pain, numbness and tingling in the hands as well as muscle weakness that was keeping him from work and also his love of playing the guitar. We tried both arms because his symptoms were on both sides and he noticed relief immediately after the tape was on. He was able to play the guitar later too - success! But he works in a place where his arms need to be free to move, and while the tape doesn't inhibit any kind of range of motion he was worried about the attention the colored tape would draw. So beige was what he chose and it worked out wonderfully. This taping offered him relief from pain, and a reduction in his numbness and tingling as well as helping him get back to an activity that he loves and that enhances his life. It's a privilege to be able to help someone live their best life.

If you have had thoughts about trying kinesiotape for an injury or to enhance your massage sessions but were worried about the color then let's talk about beige today!

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Have a beautiful day,

Savana Suniga, LMT, CKTP