Tight Neck and Shoulders?

Anyone else besides me get tense neck and shoulders? Sometimes I still feel like they are up around my ears and after a day of work, chasing a baby and puppy and doing a new workout I had that feeling yesterday. There are two things that really help me a ton when I am in that place and one is my Sombra warming therapy gel which is a combination of menthol and camphor and makes my muscles feel so much better and the other is obviously bodywork/kinesiotape!

So many people could use some love for their trapezius muscles and you can see in this picture this particular taping is to help relax those muscles. The tape doesn't inhibit your range of motion and it can be worn working out, sleeping, showering and even swimming. When your muscles are at rest the tape cues them to relax, and this taping can help you feel much better through your neck and shoulders.

If you sit at a desk, had a hard workout, carry a child or in general are feeling a sense of stress in your life and like most people carry it in your neck and shoulders then call me today and we can get you feeling better so you can live your best life! 303 517 1449

Have a beautiful day,

Savana, LMT, CKPT