Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone! I hope you had a safe and happy holiday season celebrating with family and friends. So many people have New Year's resolutions as far as their health and I would be so happy to help you support you in those goals. Wellness is something we should all be trying to achieve and the truth is preventative measures are always the best place to start. It's so much better to have a maintenance program in place to help keep you healthy than to regret it later and have to come more often because of pain or injury or illness. I normally recommend a once monthly maintenance program for my clients depending on their needs and I would love to discuss your goals for the year and how we can get you to feeling better.

Massage can help decrease tension, relieve pain, boost your immune system, help your body sleep better, detox and also recover faster if you have a new exercise plan that you are putting in place for 2017 as well. With so many benefits and then the added support of kinesiotape I truly believe this can be your best year yet!

Please call for your free consultation today and let's get you started right this New Year!

Have a beautiful day,

Savana, LMT, CKTP