It's all about the Energy!

Happy May 25th!! Wow it's been a minute since I have been here, but it's a goal of mine for the next 6 months to finish 2017 with one blog post a week, I love having it out there so that it helps hold me accountable.

One of the things I have been learning about and love incorporate into my life and practice is Energy. I just finished a great book called Wheels of Life about the chakra system and it's amazing to see how imbalances in our energy system can show up in our body. Lots of times knee, feet, or hip problems come our first chakra imbalances, while someone with lots of shoulder tension or high mid back tension is often tied to stress or emotion in our fourth chakra. I think tapping into how we are doing mentally and emotionally can help us sort out and receive clarity on what is going on with us physical, since everything is connected.

I also learned a lot from that book as far as diet and chakras and I believe our diet impacts us physically more than we know as well. Inflammation, immunity, energy, and sleep just to name a few, are all impacted by the foods we choose and the more processed or refined sugar we ingest has a negative effect on our systems. Each chakra as well has a food associated with it so if you find yourself craving starches or sugars you may have a third chakra imbalance, fruit is associated with the fifth, vegetables with the fourth, liquids with the second and meats/proteins with the first. I have been on a vegetarian diet for a while now and recently this week transitioned to vegan and I have to say I am surprised in such a short few days how much better I feel, it's kind of incredible. I am hungry in the morning when I wake up, I never feel that "heavy" tired feeling of overeating and by cutting out all animal products like butter and eggs, I am actually much more limited in the possibilities of baked goods or sweets that I can eat which I also appreciate. I can't live without my coffee though and I do have that every morning with my almond milk and stevia ;)

One of the things I always love discussing with my clients is how our systems are connected and how by taking care of yourself in one way like massage you often feel empowered to take care of yourself in other areas be that fitness, nutritionally, emotionally or spiritually. We have so much more to give to the world when we take care of ourselves first!

I hope you have a gorgeous day and incorporate some self care into it, even if it's only 5 minutes to start. You deserve it!

Savana, LMT, CKTP