Foundations of Health

This last week has been filled with all kinds of ups and downs. Truly I think sometimes the best way to remember what not to take for granted is to see it someone else. I have been spending a lot of family time and had a week of limited hours to be there for a family member who I admire so much because her attitude towards life is always so loving and positive despite some physical hardships her body is enduring.

I know that it seems like we always have "more time," or we "should" do things to take care of ourselves, whether that be stretch, exercise or eat right but then somehow that time just seems to slip away. And then something happens and our bodies don't adapt as well because we haven't been taking the necessary care of them when times have been good. I am guilty of this sometimes myself or this past week I have been back on it eating my veggies (I have had taffy and dark chocolate too don't get me wrong!) and exercise of some kind along with my yoga practice.

Life catches up with us sometimes when we aren't looking and having a foundation of not only physical fitness but mental fitness can be what pulls us through. When we are used to being grateful and paying attention to the good things in life it comes easier out of habit, the same way our bodies are strong and bounce back better from injuries or life changes because they are strong in normal situations.

I hope you take some time for yourself this week to exercise, find a way to move that you like, run around, eat some good food and take care of yourself. We all have busy lives and priorities but that doesn't mean we aren't important enough to make the list! And if massage or kinesiotaping is something that can help you, of course please don't hesitate to reach out.

Have a beautiful day!