Summer Solstice and the New Moon - Energy Work with Your Session!

The Summer Solstice has barely passed and the New Moon is here again in just a couple days. What a truly awesome time for manifestation, ridding yourself of what no longer serves you and bringing to the light with clarity what you really want to reach for. 

For myself I went to a Summer Solstice meditation and I plan to do some energy clearing, meditation and journal writing for the New Moon to set intentions. It's a fresh change with the season shift, our days are longer, there are more opportunities for us and we are free to jump into the warmth and activity of summer. One of the best things I think about living somewhere with seasons is how much different they feel. Summer is always a time of more hustle for my family, we are out exploring, walking the dog, finding new places to play and run around, and we enjoy grilling at home and taking it easy but generally speaking we are non-stop. It feels much much different to my body and spirit than the quiet hibernation of winter. 

Allow yourself to realize that ups and downs emotionally and physically with the change of season and the lunar cycle are totally normal!! We are connected to the Earth and the Universe so of course those changes have a profound affect on us as well whether we are analyzing it or not. 

With that in mind I am super excited because I am feeling called to expand and add on to my practice. I am super excited to offer Chakra Clearing and energy work onto my massage sessions especially to ring in this change of season and change in the lunar cycle. If you have been wanting to release old patterns that aren't working for you, connect your body and spirit and find out which areas might be blocked or too open let's chat!!

New Clients are only $55 :-)

Happy Solstice!