Don't take it all so seriously - raise that vibe!

I am that person that tends to take everything too seriously!! Life, exercise, health, myself, spirituality - just in general I have to remember it feels better to lighten up because 98% of the time everything is actually going great!! I was talking about all of this with a couple of energy healers lately, one who reminded me through a drawing that I need to abandon the idea that someone else will have the answers about the path I need to walk (only I know all of that, and I just need to trust myself!) but secondly when we feel lazy, lethargic, depressed, anxious, unmotivated - all of that can be a low vibration in your physical body. So how do you raise your vibe so you start attracting higher vibration people and things to you without getting stuck and taking your own low vibe so seriously? I think we all have a tendency to be self critical and beat ourselves up when we find ourselves not "accomplishing" or "do-ing" enough when really what is sometimes the best thing is to back up and just beeeee.

That is one of my favorite things about massage or energy work - you really just come back to your body, your actual thought patterns change/slow down, and you can focus on releasing whatever tension has built up that you might not even be aware of. Massage isn't the only thing that can do that for you - some people like dancing, yoga, meditation, some creative expression like journaling or painting, even cooking can zen you out if you love to be in the kitchen! Raising your vibration in your physical body by doing something that brings you joy even if there's no external reward can often alter that negative or low vibe mental mindset enough that it ALL shifts. Just like magic. Embrace your beautiful physical selves!! That connection between mind body and spirit is so important. Have a beautiful Thursday!