Happy 4th of July!!!

Happy Independence Day everyone! I wanted to just wish everyone a safe and happy holiday. I was driving home last night and the sun was setting over the Rocky Mountains and I was grateful to be alive in such a beautiful place. I am able to be a mother, a wife, a massage therapist, an artist, and a dreamer in this country and while I realize things aren't perfect I am still appreciative of the opportunities that have been available to me in my life. I have a healthy body, an amazing family and we are going to spend the day going kayaking, and then visiting with family from out of town and seeing if our son makes it awake for fireworks. I think it's so important to fill your cup on these days off, to do something that refuels your soul from the connections around you and brings you joy. The 4th of July has an extra special meaning for me as well because four years ago my husband proposed on the 4th of July. So I am ready to enjoy the beautiful weather and all that I have. I hope that you are all doing the same and I will be back in the office on Thursday 4/6. Have an amazing holiday everyone!