We are all made of Love

There has been so much going on in the world, going on in around us and I don't think anyone is immune. Aside from our normal daily stressors and just life in general, we can't escape current events and the way history is shaping right before our eyes. I have been trying to find the words to describe how I feel about everything and I come up short every time. I work with so many people in this business, all sizes, shapes, abilities, skin colors, you name it. It hurts my heart to see hate in this world when what falls to me as truth is that we are all so similar. We all share stories of pain, loss, family, laughter, love. Most importantly love. Underneath all our stories we share the same common thread of humanity that carries us through life.

Our bodies store tension, stress, pain, loss - all of that shows up in our muscles, immune systems, the way we react to our world. I encourage you to take the time to process your emotions, don't shut them down. Important conversations are happening around us and I think it's crucial to listen and take part peacefully but also to understand that we need to manage our self care in-between. Take a break if you need, turn off the news, take the time to process your healing and where you stand in the world. And to remember underneath our skin we are all made of the same bones, organs, blood, and faithfully beating hearts.