We like to keep it simple. We are happy to do a specific type of massage, or to assess your needs and customize each session to provide the most relief. We offer: 

hands giving massage-8182.jpg
  • 60-minute massages $65
  • 90-minute massages  $95 
  • All three of the above pricings can include energetic and Chakra Balancing work
  • 60 minute massage with kinesiotape  $75
  • 90 minute massage with kinesiotape $75                      Hot Stones or Aromatherapy are an additional $10             Gift certificates available upon request. 


Clients say:
  • "Savana is fantastic.  I had a massage therapist before moving to Longmont who was also amazing and I lamented leaving her.  Savana is even better, she finds muscles to work I didn't even know I had and after working them I feel remarkably better." - Bruce R.
  • "The room was serene and cozy.  She answered all of my questions and put me entirely at ease.  The massage itself was wonderful-- just the right amount of pressure (I think I was always afraid of it hurting).  I spent the rest of the day floating on cloud nine and this morning (the day after) I woke up with no pain or pressure in my neck and back!!! "  - Janell K.
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